Fuel injection line popped off !

FYI, I was riding tight woods yesterday with our group, miles from any roads.  I had a very mild get off when I lost the front wheel on a log crossing the trail that rolled away from under the tire when it touched it.  In other words, the front end washed out on a log.


I dusted myself off and stood the bike up.  No damage.  But when I kicked it (no kick starter on my bike), it didn't start and raw fuel was dumping onto the engine from above the throttle body.


Long story short, after 15 minutes I figured out that the fuel line connection to the fuel pump had come loose.  The connector itself is just inside one of the right hand frame members.  I gave it a push with a screw driver, without taking the tank off. That pushed the connector back onto the nipple on the fuel pump.  The bike started right up and ran fine for the rest of the day.


I took my tank off when I changed the exhaust cam last fall.   The connector itself seems robust enough and there is a plastic clip that holds the orange lock piece in place, but for whatever reason, mine came apart during our ride. 


I haven't taken the tank off yet to see what happened.  I'm going to inspect the connection before my next ride.  I'll probably safety wire it so it never comes off again.


This is the first time I've had a trail breakdown with my bike.  I'm starting the 3rd season with it.

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