Front Suspension Question

What weight fork oil do you guys use? .....10 Wt, 5 Wt?

The manual calls out 'S1' whatever that is


Also, they do not specify a VOLUME when filling it but a HEIGHT

You are not supposed to have the spring in when measuring this height,

but what about the other hardware attached to the spring?

What do you guys use for compression and rebound settings?

I have mine at the mid-point for each and it feels a bit stiff

S1 is "0" weight.

I weigh 205 lbs and I am surprised to say that the stock springs (I'm 90% sure they are stock) seem a bit stiff


Is this unusual compared to what anyone else has seen?


The stiffness MAY (emphasis on may) be coming from valving that is too stiff and not the springs


I turned all of my damping way down and I want to observe how firm just the spring by itself is


I am just wondering what everyone's over all observations have been


I know suspension has so many variables 

s1 is 5wt

but 5wt has a very broad tolerance, so one make of 5 weight will to diff to antoher

pick a brand ans stick with it


WRT to damping settings, there are no right and wrong

they must match the srpings and your style of riding

Supercross for example would require much more compression than than trail riding.


fork oil is AFAIK with all the hardware fitted but not the spring

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