No Toil air filter

My friend has a Canadian WR426f and he ran it for a year with the stock air filter. It ran great all during that time. Then someone suggested he put a no toil filter on, (I us twin air on my WR). Since then he has fouled several plugs. Has anyone else had a problem like this?

I use Twin-Air as well. I am very happy with the durability and performance! I thought No-Toil was just filter oil and cleaner. I did not know they have a filter as well. :)

Oh great! I was headed to the shop this afternoon to pick one up. I guess we'll see how it goes. :)

I run No Toil Filters and their Oil. I love them because the clean up is so easy, no gas or solvent needed. I haven't had any plug or running problems at all.

Jeff :)

I have used No Toil cleaner and oil on a Twin-Air filter for a few years now with no problem's

Caution: the solvents in No Toil will disolve the glue on Uni filters. I had 2 Uni filters fail so I called No Toil. They admitted to the problem and sent me 2 of their filters. I was riding a big XR at the time and the No Toil filters did not fit correctly. I threw them out and bought 2 new Uni filters and went back to Bel Ray filter oil.

Lesson learned.

Ride fast - take chances.


I run both No-Toil and Twin Air filters with No-Toil oil with no problems. No-Toil has a disclaimer on their product that the alcohol in their oil may dissolve the glue in some filters. They say if you have this happen to contact them and they will replace the filter.


there was some debate on this forum awhile back about no toil. some said the filter oil was abit thin and a big four stroke would tend to "suck" it off the filter. then the dirt gets in. make sure he's not over oiling. i doubt the stuff burns to well. for what it's worth, the filters them selves are about the same as stock.

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