Need Partner/ GlenHelen 6 hour race

Anybody interested in doing a team race at Glenhelen on March 10? I'm a vet 40+., a good novice, maybe AM. I ride a 400WR. Let me know at


How does that work?? Do you share a bike?? Do you swap bikes?? How many to a team??


Also do you need just one person or a three person team allowed? I could be.

Ernie and I might be willing to take turns thrashing your bike and boosting your finish position. How many riders per team?

You guys are cool. Thrash my bike and I'll do better! Teams of 3 will work, but I'd prefer a two man team, each with his own bike. That way we each get 3 hours of hard riding. For more details, check the web address below under "events...March 10":


The rules are on the Glen Helen website. You can have two bikes - one in impound and one on the track. They don't say how many riders per team, so maybe it's unlimited. I'd guess that any team would have to run in the skill level class of their fastest rider. Of course, there will be many sandbaggers.... :)

I've been considering it (+40 novice - midpack). I posted about last years 6 hour race on DRN, but there were no takers.

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Craparral has a flyer that says the teams can be 1 to 3 men, 6 teams to make a class, 4 mile course.

3 hours of racing seems a bit much though. It took me an hour to recover from the 1 hr 15 min. Prairie Dog race last year.

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