Dubach Oil Sump Kit

This kit retails for $150.00 and they recomended changing your oil every hour of racing/riding.

Does anyone know if we can get a bulk discount?

Don't know about a bulk buy but was checking this kit on their web site the other day. Is anybody out there using this kit? Just curious how it is working out for you.

3 pounds of weight savings for $150 sound pretty good. Seems like you would need to spend far more than $150 on titanium and carbon fiber to get to 3 pounds.

Thanks, Jon

Man, Every hour of riding/racing. That means I would have to keep at least one oil change on the trailer for everytime I cranked the thing up. You would have to change the oil on race day between moto's if you race more than 1 class.

I think it all depends on what your priorities are. I agree with Jbird in that 3lbs. IS alot of weight shaving for $150! I spoke with Gina Dubach the other day about this part. She said that it won't be ready to ship until next week so I don't think anyone beside Doug himself has it on their bike yet. I'm impressed with all of the parts he has made for the YZF's. None of them are foo foo parts to make the bike look pretty. They're all for someone who is serious about racing the YZF. So, getting back to priorities.

If you're someone who can benefit from 3lbs. less weight on the track/course and don't mind the "hassle" of changing the oil as recommended (it's really not much more than what's recommended anyway), then I think this is a great product. Keep in mind that this mod is easily reversable (just keep all the parts you remove) if you're like alot of us that switch from MX to offroad and want a longer duration between oil changes for the times when your on the trails!

My .02 cents.

OOOps, I thought they were available to the public already. Well maybe I will give them a call in a week or so.

Oil is cheap and easy to change, 3 lbs. is alot of weight for $150, and Moto-X in New England is pretty lame (5 lap qualifiers and not much more for the mains).

Also, no trail riding on the 426. Thats what the XR250 is for.

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