Steve Matthes' Observations on the factory YZ450F motor...



Dungey took the win, and he’ll take it as he marches on to a third 450MX title with six motos left. He’s got to be tired of looking up after the start and seeing the #51 Yamaha right there (or maybe the #46 Yamaha of Phil Nicoletti or perhaps the #23 Yamaha of Weston Peick), as Barcia’s gotten ten holeshots (most of them in the last eight motos) out of the eighteen gate drops. There’s no doubt about it—the Yamahas have shown that they have the horsepower thing down. Last year, when Brayton rode for the JGR guys, I had a top rider (who was beating Brayton most of the time) tell me that it was so frustrating racing against Brayton because they would out-brake him into the turns, gain some time on him, and then lose all of that time when Justin would crack open that YZ450F throttle. The bike is a monster, and Dungey’s had to deal with it quite a bit lately. 


Despite the outdoor motos being thirty minutes plus two laps, the start is still a massive part of the race, like Godzilla-size massive. And the Yamahas have something over everyone else in the class—this much is clear.

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