Getting back onto a WR this week! &questions.

Super excited to get back on a WR.  I had a 2005 wr450 for a few months in 2012, then it was stolen from me.  This week I'm buying a 2014 wr450 with 9 hours and 32 miles on the bike!  I rode it the other day and it is so much different than the '05.  It has fmf exhaust, "uncorked" from the dealer (I know the jist but not sure exactly what that entails), and handguards.


  A couple quick questions.  I am street legalizing it, I can't remember for sure but I think my 05 had Nissin brake components?  I am ordering brake light switches for front and rear and wanted to make sure I got the right ones the first time.


  My second question is about tires.  I have to buy some DOT tires for inspection.  Any of you guys inspect with DOT's and then switch back to knobbies after?  I'm trying to decide if that's worth it or if i should buy some good knobby DOT tires and keep them on. 

  Here's some pics of my '05.  I'm going to run the same custom blinker set-up that I did on that one.


 Anyone run a brighter headlamp?  I was starting to research options when my '05 was stolen.  It'd sure be nice to have a little brighter view when crusing down mtn roads at night.






I have converted all my dirt bikes here in Colorado to plated.  I have used the Kenda Trakmaster II's on some bikes (DOT approved) and most recently I put the Pirelli MT16 on the front and Pirelli MT43 on rear of a 2012 KTM 300 XCW to pass inspection (both are DOT tires).  This way, I can ride offroad with the tires without having to change them out.  Note:  the MT43 is a lot taller than I expected.  Only had one ride on it and it seems fine, but I prefer the Maxxis Desert IT that I run on the rear of my WR450F (and that I got with the KTM 300).  One of the guys I ride with is going with the Dunlop D606s to pass inspection and will likely run with them until they wear out....unless he doesnt like them offroad.

Also....onthe hydraulic brake switch....yes it is Nissin.  But, i like the plug and play approach of the Sicass Racing brake light switch 23-044 which includes the hydraulic switch and the plug and play connection between the harness and the rear brake light.  They offer it at RMATV:



The Sicass Racing website indicates that it is for 07-12 WR450F, but in looking up the OEM parts numbers for the rear brake light, the '07-14 rear tail light number is exactly the same (1DX-84710-00-00) for all years, so I am nearly certain it will work for the '13 & 14 WR450F's.

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Dunlop D606, ride & enjoy !

Excellent.  Thanks guys.  I am going to try that plug n play switch, I agree I like the idea of no splicing. 

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