2002 yz250f and 2000 yz426f parts interchangeability



Im new, and have not been able to find much information searching around, so bear with me if my questions are noob questions and i missed the info somewhere.


I have a 2000 yz426f that finally gave up the ghost and the engine is shot. At this point it is not worth it to me to rebuild it for the price that i could buy a newer bike. I also have a 2002 yz250f. 

-The yz426f has a hydraulic clutch, tag bars and triple clamp, excel wheels and new tires, fmf powercore 4 slip on and possibly a header (cant remember), aftermarket seat, and the list goes on. 

-My 2002 yz250f is bone stock...


So that brings me to my first question... how interchangeable are the parts? 


first does anyone know if the frames are the same?  


will the triple clamp, bars, and forks swap easily? or even all of the suspension for that matter.


the fmf slip on bolts right up to my 250, but the stock header on my 250 is a smaller diameter pipe than the fmf slip on... have not had a chance to take the 426 header off and test fit it. 


Basically, all in all, does anyone know how close the parts on these bikes are?

I would really like to take as many aftermarket parts off the 426 and put them on the 250 if i can without much fab work. they seem to be very similar if not the same in person, but i do not feel like tackling the project to figure out that it will not fit. 


Any help is appreciated. 





Very few engine parts interchange. Very few.


The frames are not the same. The 426 is quite a bit heavier, the geometry is a little different, and each has model-specific hard points.


The suspension is interchangeable, but because of the weight difference, both front and rear will need new springs and different internal valving.  The triples can be used on the 250F if you use the 250F steering stem.  Unless one has a non-standard offset, the top clamp should also interchange as is.  There's about a 10-12mm difference in the length.  Overall, unless one's in significantly better condition than the other, there's no point in it.


Wheels will freely interchange.


Thanks for the info! Anything helps

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