Hard Start and Mild backfire

Hey guys so I finally got the JD JET kit on my bike and I put exactly what they said to put for jets and needle. Bike runs good once started but is hard to start at first *wont start with electric start* and when riding and you let off the throttle it has mild back fire if you down shift.


It was a lot cooler out when I rode yesterday compared to last week when I rode. Maybe need to retune the fuel screw or what?




Have you checked the valve clearances? That can make it hard to start when cold. Also did you change the pilot jet to a different size? If so the fuel screw will definitely need to be re-tuned. You can probably get rid of the backfire by turning the fuel screw out in 1/4 turn increments until you can live with the popping and still maintain a strong idle.

...back fire, or decelleration popping.

...back fire is literally through the carb.....


Have you installed a R&D remote fuel screw and learned how to adjust it: you seek highest idle with the fuel screw, then re-adjust idle with idle screw, and repeat.


If it takes more than 2 turns out, your pilot is too small.


45p is what you want.

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