Flushing the frame

Well it looks like I managed to cook the motor in my xr650rr supermoto. I'm going to ship the engine off to Rob Barnum to work some go-fast magic on it. My dilemma is this... I'll need to figure out how to flush the frame to make sure there are no metallic particles hiding in there when I put the fresh motor in.

I cannot just stick a garden hose in one end and let it go, EPA would frown on that. I was thinking perhaps a local radiator shop would be able to do it.

Any one else had to do this yet?

A radiator shop like you mentioned might be a good place to check out. Ask Rob and see what he has to say because about a year ago while I was at his shop he had a bike in there that was burning oil and it was due to glass beads being left in the frame after the customer had his bike powder coated by someone else. I remember Rob talking about having to flush the frame to get all the crud out of it and he had to completely dissassemble the engine, etc. Maybe he's got a better idea. Maybe a local shop could flush it with simple green / water pressure or perhaps kerosene? Good luck!

On the bottom of the frame at the oil supply tube, there is a nut that holds the hose onto the frame. remove it and pull it all out. There is a screen cleen it and flush the frame, with what ever from the filler hole. When putting a oil sight tube on the bike this must be done to get all the metal out from drilling and tapping. :)

How about taking the frame to an engine rebuilder and haveing them throw it in the hot tank. That is the first step they go through in rebuilds before the magniflux, etc.

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