What's the best aftermarket(Restyle kit) plastics for a yz400f as my plastics are starting to crack and fade.

There's no such thing as a restyle kit. All plastics for the 400 and 426 are the same shape and style as OEM.

Front fenders and front number plates for the newer YZF450s will fit. For the front fender you have to make a template of your stock screw holes and drill the fender to fit your lower triple clamp. I made the number plate fit by zip tying it tightly. The holes are very close but just not quite lined up enough to use screws.

You can go with any brand you want for the plastics.

Rocky Mountain ATV has an acerbis kit for $100 that covers most of the bike and is decent quality and fits perfectly. If restyling is your goal, UFO sells everything in several non stock colors but is piece by piece and will run about $325 for everything.

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