Tips for riding mx on the brp

I did it for the first time last Sun. It was really fun, but I just was lost. Didnt know exactly what to do. I think I did pretty well in the beginner track, but the intermediate kicked my ass.

How do you handle jumps on the brp?

I roll the doubles and practice jumps on the tabletops. I like the steeply banked turns and simply practice being smooth. Speed will come with practice.

I am not willing to case a jump (old body) so for me doubles are out. :)

Having a suspension setup to your weight helps alot :) Lowering the forks for the sharp turns helps but, if you use the bike for higher speed stuff you loose sability. You need a race sag of 90mm~100mm. Real important is to adjust your rebound to stop the return bounce. I have jumped the big doubles at the MX track but, the sack shriveled up so bad that that isn't going to happen on the bike any more! :D even the 60' table tops are doable if your suspension is setup for it.

I just road a track Sunday. First time for me on the BRP. It was a long and fast track. It had a lot of table tops, a step up and some doubles. I had a blast. I thought the bike was great on this track. There was one small double I could do but the other ones were to big for me to attempt. I felt like I could do the step up but common sense took over and I figured it wasn't worth the risk. I rode 50 miles on this track and we are going back this weekend. :)

I am not willing to case a jump (old body) so for me doubles are out.

Suck it up Needsprayer! Show them youngsters some "big air" on that BRP. :)

Thanks Jack however I'll leave you all the glory.

I tried some of Dave's Ultimate Insanity (used a wooden skewer to dip in the bottle, so I got a good amount) and whimped out for a milk chaser. :)

Have you tired it ?


I think I have it in my library...filed next to riding observed trials with a Gold Wing! :)

here's some tips on surviving mx sections on the 650r:

1. corners: don't come into corners hot and try to back the bike in by locking up the rear wheel and clutching out. just about every corner in the track should be taken inside out. i.e. come in on the inside of the corner from the straight leading in. go deeper into the corner. break early to scrub speed but try to carry it all the way around the outside. i.e. rail every corner. even if it's the slower line you can't back the brp in and you will waste energy when you do.

2. jumps. try to clear all of the single to tables, or single to hills etc. anything where there's a gap to clear try to get over it. otherwise learn how NOT to jump the bike. you may feel like a goon but if your'e trying to get around the track fast i.e. in a hare scramble or gran prix, the best way to do it is to chop the throttle, soak up the face of the jump, like a table, and get the wheels back on the ground as soon as possible.

3. don't take a lot of throttle as soon as you get on a straight just because you can. i know it's hard to resist since it is proably the only section where the bike stands out against the others. resist it. instead, on a lap by lap basis, try to gradually work up to a constant speed and work on being smooth on the entire track. if that means backing off speedwise on the straights do it. you waste more energy hauling ass down the straights only to throw out the chutes cause you are coming into corners or obsticles. instead try steady throttle/speed and gradually build to it. it's hard to resist but it's the best way to get around a mx track should you find yourself on one.

dont...... roll off the throttle on jumps, if you are trying to clear them. this thing compression brakes too hard and you will end up doing a nose wheelie come endo pretty quick. Dont fight the bike too much, steer with the rear wheel when possible. Like others before me have said, try to be smooth. And most important of all, make bloody sure you roost the crap out of anyone who is riding a pumpkin or a smurf :). JR :D

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