2000 wr400f

I've just bought it and it seems to be leaking watery oil out the breather hose is this normal? Have only owned two strokes before also it won't idle unless it's got the choke on other than that it runs fine any info on where to start work would be great thanks

The idle issue is a bad pilot jet.

Replace it.

If it is corroded, you will need to pul the carb and service everything. 

Corrosion  is white or green.


The breather tube will get condensation in it, and end up with small amount of watered down oil.


If there is actually water in the oil, you will see the milkyness on the dip stick. That usually means a blown head gasket or water pump seal.

I got no sign of water in the oil but its dumping heaps of oil out the breather

Either you have too much oil, or you have a clogged secondary breather hose or passage

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