wr450 2012 fuel in oil

Hey everyone just wondering if anyone else has had this trouble and what it could be oil was real thin and smelt like fuel it has only fone 2000km

Thanks Ryan

You have contaminated the injector with debris or gas varnish, and it no longer closes properly, so it is leaking the fuel in the fuel rail into the motor, even when it is shut off.


You must filter the gas into the tank (fuel sock)

You must treat your gas for ethanol poisoning (Pri-G or similar)



You will need to clean the fuel system, including the pump, pump filter, injectors, and possibly the fuel line to the throttle body.


Hundreds of videos on youtube on how to clean injectors

Thanks Kranniei will have a look

There is 50psi in the line behind the injector, so it can spray in fuel for a long time, through a tiny parial opening of the injector valve....


The 9v battery cycling / hose with solvent and compressed air works the best.

No worries thanks I will give it a go

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