2015 false neutral between 3rd and 4th

my 2015 yz450f has 20 hours on it and i have only noticed in the last 10 that while under load or accelerating fast it has a false neutral while shifting up. i have tried every thing and have had 3 other experienced riders try it and agree. i have heard of a few others with this problem and i am really worried about it and its a hassle while racing. if any one has any help or knowledge on this problem it would be great to hear from you. thank you

Just posted the same issue. Ours is between 2nd and 3rd. I've read that for 16 they updated the dog ears on the gears to make the distance closer between the gears

There was a change to the 4th and 5th output shaft gears ("wheels"), but none of the others.  These do not engage 4th, however.   On the other hand, these two engage 1st, 2nd, and third gears, so there may be something there. Possibly, the modification to the third gear dogs on the 5th wheel may have an affect, but it sounds like a stretch.


Then again, you might want to check the "stopper lever" (indexing arm) that indexes the shift cam.  If it was the ball bearing type rather than the single roller type, it could have fallen apart.


I've heard of a few people over the years who solved this by repositioning their shifter, too. 

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