Magura Clutch !

Actually I got a Magura clutch installed in my '99 YZ400F and I want to check the liquid level but I need what to use if the reservoir needs liquid ! Mineral Oil......? What brand.....? Where can I get it......?

Thanks ! :)

You can use baby oil from any drug store, or ATF works well also.

I have been using fork oil 5W for 2 years now.

Fork oil works fine (Yamaho 01). The only problem is bleeding the system properly. I found that I had to submerge the caliper/piston end completely and then open the banjo bolt while squeezing the lever - not easy with one hand! I did get it to work though.

I remove the slave cylinder piston rod (using a hex-bolt tool on the piston) to bleed the system.

This way I also can "backfill" the system, connecting a tube on the "piston rod hole" whit a syringe.

But I don't think Magura supports that way of doing it, use the link below to find out how magura think it should be done (to cumbersome for me).

includes spareparts list, installation and more.

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