04 WR450 - anyone using ASV clutch lever?

I ordered a new clutch lever from ASV ( ASV ) last week through my local dealer. This last weekend when I tried to install the lever, I couldn't get the bolt holes to line-up correctly. I spoke to ASV today and they told me that they don't make a lever that will fit a 04 WR450 due to the tiny switch/sender in the clutch assembly that tells the CDI (??? or maybe something else) that the clutch is either engaged/disengaged.

What's funny about this is that my problems had to do with the machining of the lever itself, not the tiny switch/sender.

Is anyone with an '04 using an ASV clutch lever? Did you have to modify it all? It looks to me that I could solve the problem with a file, but I shouldn't have to if I just spent $65 for a new lever.


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