Radiator trashed. Ideas?

09 broken oem exhaust side radiator twisted real bad with broken elbow going to hose.

What is the best route. Oem replacement? Aftermarket? I don't have guards or braces, just stock. I never overheat.

Thinking some braces might be in order to help prevent this from happening again.

Any suggestions?

Wasn't trying to spend a ton of money on it but don't want to have to do this again if preventable

I'm not sure if this one is repairable

The bottom elbow is completely broken off. I will contact them and see what they think.

What braces are you guys running?

Heard one for unabiker

They'll weld it back on. Or, they'll make one and weld that on. 


Mine looked a lot like the lowermost repair pic going in, cost me $75, came back 4 days after I sent it in, and looked better than the after picture of the one on the site. 

plus one for Mylers.  they did a good job on my trashed KTM rad.

If this is for a 09 yz450f I have a pair at home that I've been meaning to get rid off. They where going to go on my 06 before I sold it, used but in great shape. PM if interested. Looking to let go as a pair.

Please use a PM for such offers.  Selling/trading/buying is not allowed in the forums.

Please use a PM for such offers. Selling/trading/buying is not allowed in the forums.

My bad. Wasn't aware of this. Will do.

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