SoCal GYTR Power tuner

Anyone in SoCal have a GYTR power tuner and want to meet out at a local track? I want to try some maps with my new dr.d exhaust but don't have tuner.

I figured I'd ask if anyone would be kind enough to let me use theirs out at the local SoCal tracks before I spend the $250 on one...

I usually ride Elsinore and milestone but can meet at any tracks.

Thanks ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1438662200.918955.jpg

I'm hoping to go out to Pala Saturday, Aug 8th.  I have a few maps plugged into mine, I'd be happy to let you try it out.


PM me, and we can figure out if that works for you or if it's too far.  I usually ride Milestone or Cahuilla, but tried Pala last time and really liked it.  Great facility.

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