Stuffed up

Ok so I ran my bike checked the oil level and went off doing something else came back for getting to do the dip stick up started it and was covered in oil spewing out the filler... is that normal to have that pressure there? Thanks





You don't need to  post in multiple places.

Ok then so after I changed the oil and ran it for a bit I killed the motor and waited for about 30 secs to a minute and oil came out the filler pipe? What causes this?

I would guess that there's too much oil in it.  There's probably oil up in the head when you shut it off and then gravity brings it back down and it overflows the oil tank.

Yeah I drained it yesterday and only put 1.2 liters back in it

Could anything else be wrong?

Mine only takes 1 liter for an oil and filter change.  Other years might be different.  There's two drain plugs on mine, front one is for the oil tank.  They used to have the oil tank in the frame, never did one of those.

I have just taken 1 litre of oil out to make it right

Wait so are you saying you only have .2L of oil in now

Yeah I can only assume that is what is left in it but it's reading full? I don't get it?

Mate, I would drain it all and start again, it's the only way you can be sure you have the right oil levels

Yeah that's what I'm going to do just waiting on a new oil filter... are reusable stainless mesh any good?

Do you pull both drain plugs?  I think the tank where the dipstick is stays full if you don't pull the front drain plug.  I'm not sure though, I always pull that one first.

I only done the front tank after it was warmed up

I drained 2lts of oil

Replaces with 1.2lts of fresh stuff and still over full just after I took a litre back out

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