Refurbishing fork lugs?

My fork lugs are getting torn up. And in my last race i went down and dented it . i have checked oem parts schematic to see if the lugs and be replaced but there is no separate part . and i read that they are not supposed to be removed. so I'm wondering is it is common for suspension company's to clean them up ?

2014 yz450f


Other than cleaning them, no.  If you want them cosmetically improved, I warn you, it won't last.  I just run a file over the edges of the worst gashes so nothing sharp sticks out at me while I'm working around it and get all the dirt off.  


But if you wanted to drop some on the project, you could theoretically have them bead blasted, powder coated, or polished.  Maybe to spruce the bike up for sale, or something, but unless you're going to protect it somehow, it will still end up pretty thrashed looking in short order.

I figure ill just have to bang that dent out next time i take the forks apart.

Greyracer do you mind looking in the yamaha 2 stroke forum and find my post about a yz125 transmission assembly? I need some good imput.

Thank you.

I hate the way Yamaha paints their fork lugs and triple clamps as they end up sandblasted after two rides.  I have tried using paint remover from Home Depot and polishing wheels but it didn't work well; the lugs looked better than the scratched stockers but had a "home job" look and feel. 


Enzo offers black anodized lugs for $200 and they are fantastic.  The lugs in the pictures below have 6 months or twice weekly rides/races at the usual socal tracks (e.g. Milestone, Perris, CE, GH, etc.) and they still look great. 


The $200 price was when the forks were already apart for a rebuild, so there will probably be some in-and-out costs if you want just the lugs, but they did give me credit for my old lugs. This is an awesome upgrade.







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