video cameras

Anybody out there have a good way to carry a regular hand held video camera on thier rides and keep it pretty well protected from bumps and jars.

Don't know but it'll be nice to find out.

Do you know of any companies that make cameras specifically to fit helmets/bike/etc? :) Thanks.

I keep mine in a backpack wrapped in a towel. My back pack has a waist and chest strap so it doesn't bounce off my back. I run a helmet cam and it hasn't been jared hard enough to have any problems while filming (knock on wood). I have used this set up in the woods and the MX track.

Get a remote lens at and plug it into the a/v input of your camera. Buy a shock and waterproof Pelican case and pluck out the little foam blocks until your camera fits sung inside. Mount the lens to your helmet, toss the Pelican case in a back pack and you're off to the races.

Here's a clip I shot a few weeks ago. It's 13 meg and you have to download it to view. It's a rough ride but the camera is no bounce. :):D

Arctic Ride

could someone please post some links or info for helmet cams, I would be interested in these too and this pelican case for the camera. thanks in advance

I once cabletied my dig still camera (which does video too) too the crash pad of my 2-smoke. The foam acts as a good shock absorber. :)


could someone please post some links or info for helmet cams, I would be interested in these too and this pelican case for the camera. thanks in advance

Go to "Google" and search "Helmet Cameras" you will get all the info you need.

I've used this one. Helmet Cameras My camera rides in my camelbak backpack. So far no problems.


Me too. I got the 480 line xtreme kit. The only extra thing I'd suggest ordering is the remote control for turning the video camera on and off and pausing it so you don't waste tape and batteries recording pee breaks.

I went a slightly different route and put something together that is home made.

I used a wired (note it must not be wireless!) X10 camera ( which has a lengthy flat cable (best to shorten it)that routes into your choice of a fanny pack or backpack (depends on what size vid camera you have. has sales from time to time, and I don't remember what I paid to put it together (you need to buy a battery holder to replace the AC/DC adapter), but I am pretty sure it was less than $60 total.

I have used the camera a few times snowboarding and since then the ball and chain.... er... my wife has grown attached to her new camcorder and does not like be using it for any type of action footage :)

The x10 will give you slighly fewer lines of resolution than the other link posted here (I think 310 lines), but it's also much cheaper.

That setup looks real sweet though.

I bought one from seems to work great, you have to have a special cam corder to use these camaras

Thanks for all the replies, I decided to go with one of the units from

Do I need to ventilate my video camera in the fanny pack?, will it overheat being surrounded by foam and running??

I have a camera from and have been using it since December. I use a Sony DCR-TRV38 as the recorder. I also have the LANC remote which makes setup and use a sinch!!!

I have a friend with the camera you speak of buying and it is big, in the way, and has been ripped of his helmet numerous times. Additionally, his picture quality is not nearly as good as mine.

Some recommendations: Mount it under your visor. It won't get ripped of during a brush with a tree or the ground and I never notice mine is there. I can post a pic if you'd like. Also, get a LANC remote!! Mine was $99 bit worth every penny!! I use a small back pack and wrap the camera with bubble wrap and put a big rubber band around it all. I run the camera cable down the rear of my helment and into the backpack. Depending on the weather I put the remote under the sleeve of my riding jacket or tuck it up underneath my chest protector.

I learned alot about which camera to buy and how to use it based on my buddy's camera, his mounting techniques, and how his has NOT performed as marketed.

Also, buy a bigger hard drive for your computer or a bunch of VHS tapes! The video is BIG DATA!!!

Have fun!!!

I checked out the site you posted and don't see a big size difference between that and the, which is what I have. It's only the size of my thumb and I've never knocked mine off. As far as picture quality goes, I have the 480 line resolution unit and the quality is as good as the quality straight from my dv cam. The action cam looks like it is less streamlined so you'd think that it may get knocked off easier. Definitely good idea to get the remote switch.

Me and a buddy (Merf) have the camera. We only went with the 380 line camera and really happy with it. I have a big screen TV and it looks great on there.

As far as knocking it off, I havn't had a problem at all. The velcro they give to mount it up is like super velcro, it takes some effort to remove the camera from the helmet. If someone is knocking the camera off they must be knocking the heck out of thier head too.

We also popped for the LANC switch. More than worth the extra money for it.

Here in WEST BY GOD VIRGINIA we use duct tape on stuff like that. :)

Here in WEST BY GOD VIRGINIA we use duct tape on stuff like that.

LOL, good one :)

Duct tape, aka "100MPH Tape" is what I use to cover the wire running from the camera under my visor down the back of my helmet. The gray tape looks really good on my nice white Arai helment! :)

WV is cool!!

It sounds like a couple of you have had some success with these helmet cams. I got one for X-mas that I've yet to figure out. The problem seems to be my video-recorder camera. I got a Sony TRV-22 (mini DV) I love the camera for most recordings, but when I hook up the helmet cam I cant seem to get it to record to the mini tape. The unit also has a media card for pictures. When I hit the record button, it records in the mpeg mode onto the media card. Can anyone help me here? I'm heading to Utah at the end of the month for a 5 day ride in Moab and it would be great to start recording some of these rides before our political morons begin closing the GOOD stuff..... :)

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