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Sounds like the cam is in the wrong dv input record mode. Also with my Sony, I have to set the camera to vcr mode and then use the remote control to record from the remote lens. I can record to the tape or flash card, but I have to go to the menu and adjust the input setup.

My Cannon miniDV recorder is really tough to get into record mode with the helmet cam. I have to use my remote and do a few steps with it. I actually got a LANC swith (the remote) and have not had to do it that way in some time. I found the instructions on how to do it in my owners manual. Take a look at that and see if they have steps for setting up recording for a remote lens. Good luck.

I had the same problem with my Sony TRV38 in the beginning.

Don't use the camera setting, use the VCR setting when recording with the helmet cam. Solved it for me!

kentucky: do you edit/reduce hours of footage to a vhs tape then record back to mini dv to load on your computer? this method works for me. I find it is faster to scrap unwanted clips via vcr than stuffing your hard drive with hours of footage that will be cut down to maybe an hour.


what type of editing software does everyone use?

I use Pinnacle Studio 7 at home. At work, Imovie and Idvd on my Mac.

I am finding pretty good luck using the latest windows movie maker to capture then using ulead DVD workshop to edit and convert to DVD format.

In order for my camera to work with the helmet cam it has to be in Play/edit mode.

Now I like the Helmet cam people... having looked at their website, I think these guys have the right attitude... go to the "try before U buy" page to see what I mean... Actually, I'll quote some of it...

Our office is equipped with 2 ATVs, 2 Motorcycles, 2 Mountain Bikes and 2 motocross tracks.

Come, buy and try one out. We have a grill with free food and drinks.

Now I wish I worked at an office with two (yes, count them TWO) motocross tracks, free food and drinks, and I am sure you could bring your own bike in for a bit of lunchtime stylin' or just use one of the company bikes...

Sounds like you guys need to get a posse together, and get onto RT95 and go to see these dudes... :) Just remember to post some of the footage here on TT...


I have dual 60GB drives in my Mac G4 and I usually don't record more than an hour or two when we ride. As a result I normally download to the computer, delete all unwanted footage, add some title info, insert some text when someone takes a spill, and then save it on the hard drive. At that point I do download it back to the mini tape and then upload that to VHS. Once I've watched it on VHS and know it is OK, I delete from the computer. I wish they made a mini tape that would hold more than 60 minutes.

I use IMovie and IDvD as well . . . works well!

I have quite a few hours of video now but it is too much to put on-line.

I have a question I have a dvd burner with roxio software I can burn digital stills to DVD. I have a bulletcam helmet camaera and I can not figure out how to convert it to DVD. I can plug it in and watch my ride on the TV but cannot get it to convert any sugestions???

You are going to need some software to get the footage off your camera and onto the PC - then, an editing program to trim and shape the footage, then you will need to burn the movie to DVD... I am not sure what Roxio includes in the package, but have a look at the help system for the software, or if your camcorder came with a software disc, that may have the right program on it for you to use...

I have 1.2TB of RAID 0 storage on this computer, and that filled up pretty quick with home videos... You should be able to work in less space than that... I have about 6 projects I am working on, ISO images of other completed projects and stock footage on that particular volume, so that all takes a bit of space... you could start with 60 or 120 GB drives (7200rpm) and you should be fine... HDD storage is cheap...

Good luck,


Thanks Yamadude good to know going to Moab next week and would like to be able to film it!

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