how are the new YZs?

I have not lurked here very much but i see there are not many posts on the newer 450s in recent weeks.  I have a 06 yz 250F and a 12 crf 450, and race the 450 but am considering switching over to a yz 450 for its reliability.  when i purchased my crf i ruled out the yz due to its weight, not so great handling in the corners, and the annoying air intake (i test rode a 12).  now that Yamaha has redesigned their bike, i am looking at it as a replacement for my crf.  for background i rode KTMs for many years and dumped them due to crappy suspension, switched to the crf and enjoyed it until 5th gear went out, spent 500 in repair parts (replaced everything related in the trans) and i am still having issues with the tranny due to a bad design.  i picked up my yz as a spare bike and raced it in the Glen Helen 24 and in the SRA series, where I am constantly bouncing it off the rev limiter without concern.  i cant seem to hurt the bike and the suspension is like a pillow which is why i am thinking the 450 might be for me.  anyone make the switch from other brands and can you give me your impressions?  thanks guys.

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