Im new to the forum and Im not sure if this is the right place to post but here it is. I took just my rear tire into the shop to get the tube replaced. when i put the tire back on my 2003 wr450 the tire was hard to spin. i rode the bike around the block to see i could hear or feel anything. the bike comes to quicker stop than normal when i let off the throttle like the brakes are on and there is a squeaking coming from the brakes and the rotor is very hot. I didn't have this problem before i removed the tire to get the tube changed. any suggestions?

Make sure the wheel and spacers are in there correctly.  one time I had one of the wheel bearing covers pop out and not set properly when installing the rear wheel and it kinda bound up on me.

Misaligned wheel, chain tension is too tight, or the wheel spacer thing like previously mentioned. Welcome to the madness!

Or wheel spacers are on wrong sides.  Check the length, make sure it's centered in the brake caliper (not way to one side)

Your caliper pins are probably corroded, and no longer moving smoothly

Remove them, polish them and inspect them for straightness too.

If even slightly bent, replace them.


You should really just do a complete brake caliper service if the pins are corroded enough to prevent smooth other parts will be toast as well.

I'm going to go with re-assembled incorrectly.

Take the chain off and pop the caliper out of the way and spin the wheel. Better no - wheel bearings. Better yes, drop the caliper back on (you made sure the pads were seated properly, right?). Worse? Make sure the brake piston will compress, could be a frozen caliper. Also make sure that the caliper floats side to side as it should. As mentioned above, if one side of the rotor is making constant contact with the pads you should make sure your spacers are on the proper sides of the hub.

OK I took the caliper off and found out the caliper assembly had shifted out of the channel on the swing arm causing it to rub. We will call it user error  :facepalm:

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