anyone running a temp guage?? my temp runs around 150 degrees dont know if this is high or low??also what would be the harm in not running the plastic rad. fins that are snapped in-in front of the radaitors?mine are warped and i think they block more air-flow than they direct, i know in a mud race you would have to run them, but in dry non-super rocky conditions why wouldnt it be better to run with out them?? thanks .jimbo

I think the plastic fins are similar in design to the plastic guards like the disks and the calipers have (as well as the slider plate that supposedly protects the cases) - they provide an arbitrary amount of protection from some average rocks that Yamaha engineers though your bike might come up against

You can leave them, replace them or dispense with them all together... Depending on your riding, and Karma... :) If you want serious protection for your radiators, the concensus seems to be the Devol Radiator Guards


my temp runs around 150 degrees to and thats good

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