speedo for an '03 wr450f

I'm brand new here, today's date- Aug.8th, 2015. I just bought a 2003 WR450f with only 800 miles on it. Total. I want to upgrade the trip meter/odometer to a speedometer/odom/trip, using the same simple speedo cable that the odometer uses. Any suggestions/brands? Also, I tryed to click the link for the e-starter shearing problem fix and it is a dead link.Any other instructions/links? Thanks

I believe the 03 WR had a Woodruff Key issue.  If you look that up, I am sure there will be some sort of link to get it fixed.  As far as your Speedometer issue.  Don't buy a Trail Tech product.  They are cheap China crap.  I would suggest you invest in a good GPS set up.  You will get the same information on your speed and distance and you get the added benefit of knowing where you are going and where you have been.

Howdy, thanks, I'll keep searching the net for the woodruf key/starter issue. I think I'm going with a small Drag Specialities mini mechanical speedo/odo/trip meter that's back lit. I'll use lots of rubber padding when I mount it to help it last longer. The bike had a GPS mount, but that's too much stuff on the handle bars, I took it off and e-bay'ed it (the gps gizmo costs about $300++ no thanks).  Dan

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