How does the Moose XCR Rear Rack look on the drz 400?

I bought a 2015 drz400sm and cant find any pictures of the moose xcr rear rack installed on a drz. If anyone has one on their drz please post pictures and tell us how you like it.


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I bought one the other day, I haven't used it to hold anything but I like the looks of it. I found it slightly heavy though.photo_1438630815342.jpg

Still can't tell if it would look good on a white bike. Looks great on your bike. You got a picture a little further away?ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439173433.158983.jpg

I have the S,and pardon the rain but there it is.


I like the way that looks, can it hold a decent amount of weight? And where did you pick it up at?

I ordered mine online, I think the sticker says 40lbs.

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