Help and advise desperately required 150 sx

Hello guys if anyone can help me I will be eternally grateful! I have a 2009 ktm 150 sx not owned long and has not really been looked after. The right side clutch casing with the water pump etc inside was cracked so I replaced that at the same time replaced the piston and rings. then I havethe above awful noise.

I have removed all that I fitted and checked and it looks ok. so took the head to a ktm dealer and they guessed it was the power valve linkage as it was quite worn and had a lot of play. So replaced it today and the noise is still there. Kind of struggled to start so bumped it with new plug. It rides great however if you give a little more than a blip the noise happens as you release the throttle and it goes to bog then cut out unless you blip it again. Noise is really bad again When riding let the throttle off it ticks like mad. Any help will bemuch appreciated. Thanks, Shane

It sounds the same as when you hold the kickstart with the engine running. You said you had the inner clutch cover off? Maybe something didn't go together correctly in the kick start?

It does sound just like that, so I took it off and can't see how I could of got it wrong as all there is to it is the gear, spring, plastic washer, bearing in case then kick. Its driving me insane :(

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