2016 / Factory Edition throttle tubes - Same as previous models?

I can't find any info in the catalogs. Does anyone know if the 2016 / 2015.5 Factory Edition throttle tubes are the same as previous models? Throttle grip is vulcanized on my 2016, and I'd rather just buy a new throttle tube. Thanks !

They use Odi lock on grips I believe so unlike the 15

They use Odi lock on grips I believe so unlike the 15

I used a G2 throttle tube with the quicker turning cams from a 15 450SXF on my new FE450 and it works fine. I've been using it since day one and have 12 races on it.

I rode one at the demo day. It seemed to have a long throttle pull compared to my yamaha. I thought I remember people saying when FE bikes came out it came with two throttle cams(a quicker one also). Is this true? Is there anywhere to to see parts diagrams for the new bikes, I only see the 15 models where Ive looked.

My 2016 came with a quicker throttle cam in the extra parts box

Nice. What else comes in parts box?

No it does not fit, the cable housing on the 2016 model has a smaller diameter where it goes around the throttle tube and the old throttle tube is too large to fit. I tried to fit the throttle tube from my 2015 SXF to my 2016 SXF and it would not work

You also get two in-line fuel filters.

How are you guys liking the 16 450?

I just broke mine in. It feels lighter and the engine feels similar to my 13.5. I sent the forks to Factory connection and get them back today. I intend to practice Saturday and race Sunday so I should get it dialed in and have more to report.

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