DRZ no oil in frame

Hi All,


I've recently acquired a DRZ 400 S - 200 model.


I love the bike, but am concerned that the oil is not returning to the frame after turning the engine off. I have drained the oil out and the correct amount came out. I've refilled to the correct amount and the oil just goes straight into the engine rather than sit in the frame. 


I've done the usual checks of idle three mins, sit three then check. and also taken it for a ride then check. The correct amount of oil is still in there.


I've checked the plastic gear that drives the oil pump and I've checked the pump, both are good. I've also removed the oil pipes internal (behind clutch) and the external and made sure theres no blockage. I also removed the external pip up near the oil filler and turned the bike over - it is pumping oil back though.... and I have checked and cleaned the strainer at the bottom of the frame.


Is there anything else to check?


Cheers all,



Is the oil not returning to the tank or is the tank not retaining the oil?

the Oil is being pumped back to the tank, but is'nt being held there at all. it seems to go in the top and out the bottom straight away, thus not giving any reading on the dipstick

Maybe the oil check valve has a piece of debris preventing it from closing.

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