I was getting my bike ready for SpeedWorld tomorrow and rerplacing my ignition cover gasket because:

Since my lower end rebuild I have noticed some oil coming from my ignition cover. I did not replace the cover gasket so I hope that's all it is. I have a new gasket to install.

I took off the cover and a LARGE amount of oil came out of the Ignition cover. Measured what didn't spill on the ground and it came out to 18 oz.'s. Is this normal?

When I took apart the engine it had a small amount which I was told was normal. The crank was not pulled from that side so I don't think it's the crank seal.

Thx in advance,


I think you mean the magneto cover...right? Right side of engine with the two rubber screw-in plugs?

So yes, the mag is bathed in oil.

As for the leak, make sure it's not a crack from the shifter hitting it. The shifter will flex into the case, then flex back so there is no evidence other than a leak.

Remove the cover and review the back side just to be sure.


I took that cover off my 400F once an if I rememeber correctly a little oil drizzled out - 18 ounces sounds excessive. Is there anything in the owners manual that would help determine if this is normal?


It is ok. not to worry. The oil is to move freely from the crankcase to the ignition case. If you were to have the ignition cover off the and lean the bike towards the ignition case you can drain all the oil out that is at the bottom of the crankcase. If you wish to change that gasket w/out draing the engine, lean the bike over the opposite way. Will save you a few minutes. :)

Thumpin in the city



00cr50r husky


Thanks Guys,

I am loading her up with a relieved mind now......

Supercross is going to be on the tube, 10am AZ time.

Thanks Again,

Just got back, the bike ran good and the track was great. But the igntion sidecover is still leaking by the C/S sprocket!!!! It is not cracked.

Replaced the gasket so I know now that wasn't the problem. It almost seems like there might be excessive psi built-up in it, as it has left (SLIGHT) residue spraying even the shock.

There also seems to be more noise on the left side of the engine, timing chain slap valve train, or crank bearing it's hard to say. We checked the timing chain guides when we had it apart, and they were fine. The bike runs strong, if the chain was loose would it still run good? Also it's and auto-cam adjuster. As you can tell these four-strokes mystify me and I can't figure it out????


Is anything leaking on the ground? If it is, it could be your CS seal. Ive changed them on 2-smokes before. They are usually a small OD seal and I was able to pull it with a stiff dental pick and tap the new one back in with a matching size socket. The seals are cheap enough that it might be worth trying just to elimiate the possibility.

Originally posted by THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER:

with Yammy's design .......make sure your countershaft is tight. This is what seals your countershaft seal. only by being tight!

You are correct, when I loosened it, it leaked bad.

Hey SMarquez nailed it!

Well I found the problem it was the C/S seal! Even though I replaced it with a new one. It was a bitch taking out I hope it goes in easier then taking it out! Ordered one from my shop and they said 5-7 days!!! Yikes the next 4-Stroke National is at Octillo this weekend!

Anyone have success ordering on line and getting it quicker? I'm going to try PartsFish.

Damn it anyway !!!!!!! :)

Try your local dealer.

Mine is pretty small but still managed to keep some of those HIGH demand/must-need partsin stock.

Plus it doesnt hurt to get to know them and work up (BROWN-NOSE) a little discount or sponsorship out of them. Most are pretty arrogant but there are quite a few that are honest and are willing to cut lyou 10-20% for slappin a sticker on your YAMMY!

Doughnuts and BIGGIE FROSTIES don't hurt either! :):D

Nope no oil on the ground and I've looked behind the c/s and there is no oil. I'm going to take it off to make sure though.

btw MXTuner seems to think my cover might be warped, maybe I'll try some gasket snot.



with Yammy's design .......make sure your countershaft is tight. This is what seals your countershaft seal. only by being tight!

G, I think I have one in my garage. I bought it but cleaned and retorqued my c/s sprocket and it quit leaking. I'll go look and e-mail you.

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