Need help with top end rebuild

So recently I fried up my motor on my 04 crf450r, because of a bolt breaking on my oil filter cap cover and now I'm taking it apart to see what parts I need to buy. Along the way I took off the camshaft and took the valves I think is what they're called, and I placed them on on rag where then a bucket and 2 shims fell out. And now I can figure where they go. I've been looking around to see if I can find out where they go. If you know anything that could help me. Thank you!

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Say that the valves were sitting upright the valve shims would go on top of them. It's hard to explain but it's also where the rocker arm sits on the valves. Also I would be extremely careful while doing this rebuild make sure nothing drops into the bottom of the engine and I'm sure there is going to be a ton of metal shavings in the bottom end that you must get out.

Make sure you put your shims the same place they where they look the same size but they probably NOT could be 0.005 difference that will give you hard time to start your bike again make sure you dont lost them in the crank case. This link can help you  :thumbsup:

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