JD jetting specs for 05-07 CR250 in Texas

Picking up a 06 CR250 next weekend and I already have the JD blue needle leftover from one of my other CR250 builds. Just wondering if you guys with the 05-07 that have the JD kit happen to know off hand what pilot and main jet they reccomend for the standard baseline setting. Ive used the standard JD setting in all my 05-07 CR250's and they ran excellent. Bike also comes with a FMF SST, FMF Fatty, OEM one, turbinecore2 silencer, OEM silencer, and black plastics. Will be selling all if anyone out there is interested. Thanks

On my CRF250X the blue needle in the JD kit is for temps below 40 degrees.


If it were me...................... I would call JD and tell them you lost the instructions for the CR250 kit and ask them to email them to you................or get the info over the phone...............

For moderate temps 70-90 deg. Fahrenheit with relatively low humidity @ 0-1K elevation.   

PJ - 32.5

MJ - 400             

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439172399.058974.jpg

45 Pilot 175 Main

The quality of that picture after the upload is crappy but those are the stock settings.

The 05-07 models came equipped with a tps mikuni tmx carb unless it's been changed to a Keihin from a previous owner. 

I've always ran the stock mikuni on any 05-07 I've had with the JD kit. I know people say the Keihin is the way to go but the mikuni with the JD kit has been perfect for me. Temps down here are at 100 degrees right now lol.

I am interested in that FMF "fatty" pipe, or the "OEM" pipe if they are in good shape and the price is right.

I'm one of the few on here as well that runs the stock oem mikuni on the 05-07 models.    I figured the blue JD needle you mentioned was for a mikuni carb & not a Keihin as they are different & can only be used for the corresponding carb they were designed for.    



With 100 deg. temps I'd suggest starting off with the jetting specs below.

Needle in the 2nd clip pos. 

PJ - 32.5 

MJ - 400 & go from there.  You might end up with a 390 MJ.        

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I also just restored a 06 CR250 from the ground up and when doing so I put in a JD jet kit.


 0-1000ft elevation, temps here in Nebraska have been 85-95F with moderate humidity(60-75%)


air screw 1 3/4 turns out

pilot jet   32.5

main jet 400

red needle 3rd clip(middle) or blue needle in the 2nd clip


the bike runs great wide open, no spooge, instant throttle response.


when riding tight trails or twisting hill climbs I do get a small amount of spooge build up after awhile, but I am talking 1st-2nd gear all day. I was also running a very high rpm, high flashpoint premix with a cooler plug, and if you mix that with all the dam Midwest humidity I think that was the root cause of the spooge.


 I have been running the FMF "gnarly" pipe. its great for trail riding and hill climbs but it does sign off early on the top end.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I guess I'll be Ok with my JD blue needle and I'll buy a 390, 400 main. And a 32.5 pilot. Anybody know how to take a dent out of the OEM Honda pipe? Didn't know if you could do the water/freezer trick since this pipe is pressed together, not welded.

Send your pipe to "Pacific Crest Pipe Repair".   if you google it the website should pop up. The shop is based out of Jacksonville, OR. Very nice people, I think its 78.00 to fix any pipe, plus shipping both ways.


Check out the pics, they do great work.

I'd assumed you were running the Keihin, my bad. Good luck with it.

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