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2008 crf450r valve housing... Your thoughts

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Absolutely not a stock head.


Technically not 'porting', as the volume and angle of the ports overall have not been changed.


Some sort of 'scavaging trick' using the grooves.


Never seen it before, and could find no info about it. 

Someone here will know.


A real porting job looks like this: (my crfx)



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Do you think it would make a difference if I sent this out to be ported and polished? It is much rougher in the inside compared to yours

It's supposed to be rough, that's how it comes from the factory.

You make the ex smooth and the intake less smooth ideally.


Do not spend money on porting until everything else is working perfectly.


You should save your money for maintenence, and upkeep, not porting.

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