Anyone try an Eric Gorr big bore 290cc kit on their RMZ?

I couldn't find anything on here so I thought I'd ask. There seems to be some guys on here that have done big bore kits using another supplier , but nothing on Gorr's stuff. Not sure how popular he is on this board. I know on the other board I visit he has quite a few dudes praise his stuff on a number of different machines.


Besides Gorr's stuff , any of you guys that have done some big bore builds on your 250F , what are your overall thoughts?

I got the Athena kit on my 2010, that bult on and the lean map is a great combo in the woods, I ride 13-50 and change between 18" and 19" rear wheel depending on woods or mx track. Overall you can shift to a higher gear and it Will logg great. More tourqe when you go throw ruts, loggs and jumps. Good luck

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