Random spark

My Honda Mt250 sparks sometimes. When it runs while looking at the points it sparks but not as many times at it should. It's an orange spark as well. Would it be the coil or the condenser?

Got the coil tested and it's good and the condenser that is on it. The stator is putting out 200-300 volts out. Any ideas?

The stator is good so I checked the points. They read the same open and closed. The guy who had it before me put a new points assembly in and put the wire under a washer instead of above shorting it out. Started the bike and it ran great, blue spark in the points, revved right up to 7k and idled good. Almost no smoke at idle, before it smoked like crazy.

Once it warmed up it started bogging, I thought it was low on fuel so I filled it. It only starts if you hold the throttle open and runs at 1,500.

I cleaned the points up again then it fired right up and ran good. Why are the points getting dirty so fast?

While looking at the spark it's blue on the points but fires every once in a while. I thought it may have been the battery but I took it out and it starts right up. It seems to run better without it. Any ideas???

I believe the points are getting grounded. Sometimes the bike will run great, I shot through the gears up to 50 in about 3 second. Then it Boggs and runs like crap.

New condenser but it's still sparking at the points. Should I try a 12v condenser?

Hi Matt:


Looking at the points to judge the spark doesn't make sense....all points spark, ..now and then a spark might show up because the capacitor isn't ready to suppress the spark but it might be normal.  Starting, running and spark (at the spark-plug) are the important thing.  


I think that If the bike runs good up to higher speeds the ignition is probably okay and you should be looking at the carb.


Random sparking is also from oil or dirt on the points.   The points are switching very high voltage and even a thin film of oil or dirt will make high resistance at the points. The oil will carbonize and make a black coating that will cause even more resistance and random sparking at the points.  Clean it up or install new points, set the timing and then check the carb.  



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