Woods Chest protector + leatt

I have a buddy that is selling his leatt neck brace with a standard chest protector for cheaper than normal when used. I have a full body chest protector (covers arms and torso like the one below) currently and love it.

I was wondering if there are any full body protectors that will work with a leatt.

Come one. Anybody?

I have a acerbis and it works well with my leatt.

Tekvest? :excuseme:



Tekvest? :excuseme:




You must not wear a neck brace.

Seeing that TekVest made me think of something.  I have some expired body armor in my shed somewhere.  Maybe I should give that a shot, I'll just take out the ceramic chest plate.. :D

You must not wear a neck brace.

I currently don't, but all the newer Tekvests work with them.  It's what the velcro tab on the left shoulder of that vest is for.

Lots of sno-x guys wear them, neck braces are required in higher-level race circuits (ISOC). 

Leatt 5.5 body protector (full body) is great!

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