New Stator Failure

Had an electrical failure with my 2013 KTM 300 after pressure washing. Over the course of a month I have replaced all electrical parts - factory coil, Trail Tech HO stator and rectifier. Cleaned all connectors including kill switch. Bike was running OK - put about 20 minutes on it around the yard. Shut it off. Went to start it 2 days later and no spark. Tested the stator and it was bad (again). Coil tested fine, as did the plug wire. What would cause a new stator to go bad?

(Bike was a left over 2013 still has less than 50 hrs on it)

I had a similar issue to you & went through all the costs you did. When you say you replaced the kill switch did you replace the starter switch on the bars? Mine turned out to be the starter switch. Apparently it powers the coil plus the starter & mine was corroded internally from washing. Might be worth a check.

Pulled the kill switch apart and cleaned it. Since the start button was working (sort of), I hadn't done anything with it. Thanks for the help.

Starter switch had two black marks where the wires touched the contact plate. All other connections look fine. I'll see what Trail Tech says

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