just random dreaming

i still dream of having a KLX450R some day even though I'd prob kill myself on it 


Was wondering if the KLX motor will fit into the KX450 frame?  say that of 08 =09 


been thinking if I can't buy one - perhaps build one -  



also been dreaming - if ceratin year were in fact same as the KX450  has anyone looked at making a FI KLX450R or to see if it is even possible?

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06-08 KX/KLX frames are the same save a couple of more tabs on the frame for electrical.  My KLX starts and runs better than any of the FI KX's I have worked on and ridden any of my friends KX's and has less to go wrong in the middle of nowhere.  Get a KLX, rejet, AIS removal, airbox mod, Lithium Ion battery, suspension set up for you and run the crap out of it!

I was riding at a place a couple hours drive south Saturday and saw another KLX450. That is getting more and more rare.


I hope you find a used KLX450 in decent shape! Great bikes.

On a side note, I just weighed mine with a half tank of fuel and all my armor plating and Flex bars and such.......280lbs.  The new Husky FE 501 S with a full tank according to Dirtrider.....275lbs.  Not enough to make me give up my green bike.

thanks guys 

i obsessionally search - but think maybe get a KX450 n try and tune down with Rekluse

I'm only 5'6 ---150-160 lbs -- race C class on KX250f  - no aggressive just my pace and to finish


Since getting th KX in '11 I wanted one :(  all the one I do find are 5 states away or close but already sold. 

If your riding woods, reconsider a 450 for the woods. The KLX is alot of bike for the woods and it's Tall. A Rekluse does help tremendously, but it's still alot of bike. Consider putting A BB on your bike. That may might give you what you want. PS AL, I didn't forget about you, just been busy.

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Had to think what BB was  - lol 


yes woods - Hare scrambles and GP -- 

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