Bought this a little bit ago, I have a bit of work ahead of me to get it up and reliable. The prior owner tried to make it look pretty and that was about it. Biggest thing I will need is a new tank, yeah I know good luck with that. Oh yea this is my first trials bike and the only one I've ever ridden to boot.



These are very rare and sought after by collectors world wide. Don't modify it in any way, as it would be worth a lot less.

I would not ride it, in case of damaging.

I can put you in contact with a collector in England, that has some and is always looking for more.

Hey  thanks for the input. I knew pretty much that this was a rare bird over here and could not pass it up. I pretty much plan on getting it back into shape and riding it. I'm not one  to ogle over stuff like this. I'm doing my part to source the proper parts needed to get it back in line. I don't plan on hacking it up, and know the value of originality. Think it would be a hoot to run it in a hare scramble maybe in mid rainy November. Just kidding. I'd  welcome anyones interest in it also.



Looks like a new bike!

What motor is that?

The motor is a Cagiva who purchased Aeromacchi from Harley Davidson. This motor is based pretty much on the old Harley 2 strokes.

It looks pretty, previous owner did a rattle can resto. Runs well just needs proper attention.

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