2011 350 sx-f no fi light no start

first post. i am looking at buying a 11 350sx however when i went to get the bike it was not starting and the fi light didnt illuminate. no fuel pump but the starter/ relay worked fine. i have quite a bit of experience debugging electrical gremlins in motor vehicles. anybody have a schematic for this bike. it seems to me like a regulator issue. any ideas?

thanks but i checked the primary relay and it metered fine. 

i am buying this bike tomorrow non running . i will let all know what the culprit is. and i may just write a diagram for all other sxf owners

Fuel pump relay was stuck open.

Was wondering if you could help me i have the same bike My bike is not sparking, is there any electrical reason you could think might be the problem ive tryed everything?

so you have fuel pump?

Yes i have a fuel pump, its making the whinning noise as it should

Thanks everyone for the input, turns out it was the stator shorting the circuit

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