Glamis, CA Prep

I'm a seasoned rider and have had lots of dirt and street bikes throughout my lifetime. I just recently bought a 2010 CRF450R... needed a good thumper to get me through the dunes. I have a few questions I'd like to pose to the Thumber community:


I need to get a paddle. Found a 10 paddle and an 8 paddle from Chaparral. Anyone have any opinions between the two? Ive always had 8 paddles on my 2 strokes (about 50lbs ago). Is there a huge difference between 8 and 10 paddles?


Also, need to mount a whip somewhere. I had a "pop-off" mounted on my rear fender on my old 2 stroke and I can remember (graphically) every time I was reminded where it was mounted... painful memories. Where would you guys suggest mounting a whip? I've see them mounted on the swing arm, just not sure if there are some better placements. Any advice or suggestions are welcomed.

Hope I can help.


6 paddles- Made for little bikes like TTR-125 Honda 250.

8 Paddles- Most common for riders on 450.

10 Paddles- Heavy loads pulls good but doesn't slide as well. More riders tend to go with 8.


What kind of paddle are you looking at getting?

Sedona dunatic from chaparral. I think I'll go with the 8 paddle. Thanks for the advice. Any suggestions for the whip mount?

Sedona dunatic from chaparral. I think I'll go with the 8 paddle. Thanks for the advice. Any suggestions for the whip mount?


I'm running a Dunatic and realy like it. I've mounted my flag on a fender mount just behind the seat and havn't had any issues.

Thanks for the vid. Probably going to go with the same fender mount. I'll stop by Chaparal this week and see what they've got in stock.

One more question. Aftermarket lights. Has anyone used Baja designs on a crf 450r?

I have heard good things about this one, but never used it myself. When it comes to lighting it all depends on how much you want to spend. I have seen the 3 LED light bars that mount to your handle bars that will light up the night but I think they are around $300. Also provided a link to a whip mount that looks pretty cool at 40.



Light Link

Whip Mount Link

Sedona Dunatik Tire

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Thank you!

The most important part about Glamis greasing the air cleaner's rim, bringing extra air cleaners, and after the ride, tearing the bike  down and getting rid of all the sand, and re-greasing it. 

Thanks for the links usdualsport. I just order the whip mount and paddle. Saved A few bucks too! Thanks again! Btw just finished up some new tshirt graphics that are going to be available at gecko this season. They will be sold at Sweet Marie's both. I'll attach a pic. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439661805.378432.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439661840.458024.jpg

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