What would TT Kaw 2T do about a lower rod bearing failure?

Me and my brother recently picked up an '01 kx250 that supposedly just needed a top end. Everything on the bike looks great except it has a nasty knock when kicking it over. We expected the worst but figured what the heck, we can fix it and we got a good deal.


Well it turned out in fact the big end bearing of the con rod seized up and went kaput. Lots of up-and-down play in the conrod and there is some nasty dicolouration in and around the crank pin on the crank flywheel weights like it got super hot..Also 1/2" of piston skirt is missing from the bottom of the exhaust side of the piston...up-and-down movement in the rod = piston smash off the bottom?


...I should have the motor split open this week, just waiting on a couple more tools. In the mean time I'm trying to decide which is the better route? Throw a whole new hot rods bottom end kit in? Or reuse the crank and send it out with a new rod kit and have it installed / calibrated...Wiseco is obviously out the question, I've heard nothing but bad things about their cranks...iIs hot rods a safe way to go? And are All Balls main bearings and seals going to last or is OEM the best way to go?

Get the OEM rebuilt.

With the heat damage, I would buy a used crankshaft off eBay and have it rebuilt with an OEM rod, washers, pin and bearing.


If the price scares you, then part it out and get what you can. Take a loss if need be and be on to the next one.


Off-topic, but... I am glad your hand is OK.

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