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RPM Meter | Introduction?

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Hi new to the forum and motorcycle "mechanics".

So I've got a 1990 xr200 and I've just fiddled with cleaning my carb and reassembling it all, first try was stuck on full throttle for some reason

and idling waaay to high, then took apart again and got it all sorted some how.

But my question is, is it possible to hook up a rev meter to this bike? if so any diagrams showing what wires need to be connected where?

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yea sorry that's sorta what i was after the all in one sorta thing.

any clue how to wire them up?

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The instructions explain everything:

magnet on front wheel for distance, run the sensor wire along the brake hose or brake cable

ignition connection for engine speed, 4 options

power connection for backlighting display, several options

temp connection for engine temp, water probe or spark plug temp sensor.


When you order you need to tell TrailTech spark plug size for the temp sensor.

I have installed several Vapors on air cooled and water cooled bikes and the ignition connections have varied but for the CDI systems they have been a inductive wrap of 4-5 turns of wire on the spark plug wire. 

Power can be any voltage  AC or DC.

Replace the internal battery once a year.


I like the Vapor for several reasons:

Hour meter

trip odo

Tach for tuning and riding

Engine temp




Great multi function device, check out the features at the website.

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