1989 cr250r swing arm pivot bolt stuck soild

I'm trying to pull my motor out of a 1989 cr250r. What do I try. I'm thinking of cutting it out?

I'd try laying the bike on it's sides and spraying in penetrating oil and letting it soak in over night first. If that doesn't work try some heat but be careful with the torch in that area. I'm not sure how you'd cut it out without causing a lot of damage.

My swing arm bearing are shot so the swing arm has lots of side to side play. Witch gives me room between the motor and the swing arm. And the motor is blown FYI

You can build a puller with a high tensil threaded rod, just tap the SA bolt to 1/2 thread that matches the rod, get a pipe to cover the rod, nut and a washer. It works well, the other methods are just aggravating. Put good tension on the rod, then hit the bolt with a brass spacer and a Good hammer whack to the brass.

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