Bike stalling, need pointers!

Hey guys, got my 03 ktm 450 out of the shed and hasn't been started in a year or so.


Took the carby out gave it a good clean, done all the oils and changed out old fuel into fresh unleaded 95.


When the fuel petcock is on "on" position the bike will not idle, I fiddle with the idle screw, it revs WAY to high and if I just move it slightly it wont idle and stall.


But if its in the "reserve" position it runs beautiful, could this be a blocked fuel tank or something else? Can't figure it out for the life of me.


Also, how do I adjust the clutch, when my clutch is all the way in and in gear it creeps foward JUST slightly, if I put a foot on the ground it won't move.


Thanks in advance all!

Take the fuel line off of the carb and then the gas on, and then on reserve. If there a difference in fuel flow? Some bikes have in tank screens on the petcock, it's possible yours is clogged. This test will tell you.

Does the bike still creep when it's warmed up? Line may need to be bled.

Yeah mate bike creeps a tad when warm, how would I go about bleeding the line? I didn't do the clutch fluid, ill drain and refill fresh.


I havn't checked the fuel flow ill check that when I work on it next, id it hard to clean the screens?

as said above, check the fuel flow and bleed the clutch


take cap off reservoir (2 screws) buy a bottle of the correct fluid which i think is mineral on that?


crack the bleed nipple and just let it gravity bleed BUT constantly top it up so the level doesnt drop to low


do it for around 5 minutes, making sure the fluid is bleeding from the nipple


then tighten the bleed screw and install cap

look into the proper method to bleed this system, its from the bottom up with a syringe....its in the FAQ in the KTM 2st section

ive tried all methods and gravity is the best for front brake and clutch, the air will still rise to the res and fluid will drip from the bottom


rear brake needs a syringe however

I never did rear brakes with syringe, i opened tap and pumped the brake to get all the air out and kept topping up until i had all air out..


This weekend im gonna hit up the clutch and drain my tank and find a way to clean it


Thanks for all the info fellas!

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