Need help choosing between 3 YZ125s

Hey TT, I need some help choosing between some 125s for sale on craigslist. Here are the bikes:

Anyways, here's my thinking on it. I live in Bakersfield, so the closest would be the 05, the second closest would be the 00, and the furthest would be the 10. I'm ok with driving about an hour, so maybe the guy in OC with the 10 would be willing to meet halfway. It seems like he would if he was really serious about selling it. Price isn't really too much of a concern because I look at buying a bike as something that I'll get a lot of enjoyment out of, so I want to invest in a bike that I can get the most out of. That said, I hate pissing money away and I don't want to spend it on anything I don't have to. One thing that does concern me is age. The 00 is the cheapest ($1000 cheaper than the 10), but it is also 15 years old. More time for it to get abused, neglected, etc. That said, it's also a green sticker. Even the 05 kind of concerns me being 10 years old. One owner and 5 years on the 10 seems pretty safe. Age is certainly something I would like opinions on. Is it really all that big of a deal? I'm one of those guys that aesthetics is really important to. I know, lame XD. That in mind the 05 looks really nice with the UFO plastics, blue clutch and brake levers, and some red on the seat cover and grips. I'm just not sure if it looks $3400 nice. The 10 looks very sleek with the dark blue plastics and gripper seat. The 00 isn't bad either; I really like the color of the seat cover and the plastics look great as well. He says they're new so I'd hope they'd be. Anyways, thoughts?

Edit: Forgot to mention that the only riding I'm going to be doing is trail riding. Mostly more open roads/hills, but sometimes tight stuff. That said, I'd be interested in putting a skidplate and radiator guards on the bike. The 00 has radiator guards already, and the other two bikes have neither. Just food for thought

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out of those 3 I'd go for the '10

the 2000/5 are way too much money... besides that, the 10 is the obvious choice for me, barring any big issues.

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Yeah 10 is where I was starting to lean as well. Is $2850 a good deal? I might even be able to knock him down a bit on the price...

I would go with the 2010 in Arizona that 2010 is worth like $3300 and the 2000 is worth like $1000-1200 I ust to ride a 2003 yz125 for trails and I loved the thing since then I bought a 2012 ktm150sx! Best luck on the bike and I'm sure you will enjoy and I'm also sure you can get him to lower it like $100.

I think it is a good price, if you get it down a bit, even better.

The 10 is a good price, the other 2 are way to over priced.

Ok, 2010 it is! Hopefully it's still for sale by the time I get my money together. Thanks to everyone for the help

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