2012 crf250r , i know its been a issue on here , suspension , suspension..what to do?

i race offroad , and love the honda , but man the suspension is horrible, its stock tho anmd has about 5 hrs on bike since new , riding this thing in the woods is impossible at speed , i know everyone is going to say get the suspension done , but every other bike ive owned including crf250 , ive been able to atleastr dial the suspension in enough to make it ok , im an A level woods racer . but with this thing maybe back down in the B class , im going to have the suspension done but will this really make this bike ok , or should i sell and get a different bike ,?


Make sure its sprung for you and let it break in before you have the suspension done....have you set the sag and messed with clickers at all?

Revalve for woods, can't have it perfect for MX and woods.

Stiffer springs, and raise the fork oil. Huge difference, and fine tune it with the clickers.

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