Looking to buy this but it smokes like crazy. Is this bad?

When you rev the bike big white puffs of smoke come out. Like a lot of smoke. I don't know if this is a bad thing? ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439219097.584245.jpg

Couple of possibilities

1. He could be running a super rich oil:gas ratio and getting rich too.

2.rich side crank seal could be leaking gear oil into the crank, making a rich mixture.

3. Could have blown a head gasket and is burning coolant.

My bet is on the second option and the side side crank seal has gone out.

Thank you.

White smoke is often indicative of burning coolant. My guess is the head gasket.

Would 40:1 cause that smoke?

Would 40:1 cause that smoke?

Don't think so.

Can't really tell from the picture but it looks to have a tiny of blue in it?

While it is idling, take off the radiator cap (make sure the motor isn't hot!) and see if bubbles come up. Or after a ride, let it cool and see if coolant is missing.

*edit: this'll tell you if its burning coolant. Either way burning coolant or gear oil they're easy fixes if you're mechanically inclined. You may be able to reduce the price of the bike enough to where it's so cheap you just can't pass it up.

What year and model? And how much is he asking.

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Cold engine or completely warmed up?  My bike smokes on start up but nothing once it's warmed up.

Just had this issue with my bike a month ago. Seemed fine till I wrapped her up. Then white smoke would come out. Turns out it was a pinched doing on the head. My thoughts are that the coolant wouldn't shoot into the cylinder in till you got the bike hot by wrapping it up.

It's a 2004 ktm 85. And he is asking 1400. It's bored to 105 if that effects anything.

$1400 is the going rate for a good 85 of that vintage 105 cc kit adds some value and smoking removes some.

I would offer a grand and hope the $400 would fix it.

For me the 105cc kit would dcrease the value, because I wasn't the one who installed it and don't know if it was done correctly. The white smoke on top of that fact would reduce my offer to $900, in the form of cash held up at his eye level. I bet he would take it, too. 

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